The definitive sentence has been a long time coming, and does not look kindly on Andrea Iannone. The Lausanne CAS has come to a decision regarding the doping case involving Andrea Iannone, suspending the Italian rider for four years. The suspension is considered valid from 17 December 2019, and also nullifies any results (medals, prizes, etc.) obtained by the rider since 1 November.

The timeline

A decision that probably puts an end to the career of Andrea Iannone, whose ordeal began on 3 November 2019 when he tested positive for an external anabolic steroid during a (scheduled) test by WADA, the world anti-doping agency. Initially suspended until 17 December, Andrea then requested the analysis of a second sample, which also came back positive.

In February of this year, the International Motorcycling Federation made its ruling, confirming the suspension, while in April the Lausanne CAS delivered its first sentence, subjecting Andrea to an 18-month suspension that would have run until 16 June 2021.

On 15 October, Iannone attended a hearing at the Lausanne CAS and appealed against the first sentence. Iannone was asking for an acquittal, while the WADA requested a four-year suspension, which is now confirmed. Iannone’s future now hangs in the balance, Aprilia forced to find a replacement rider for next season.