Career at risk for Marquez? Dr. Costa: “I don’t want to consider it, but...”

Career at risk for Marquez? Dr. Costa: “I don’t want to consider it, but...”

Doctor Claudio Costa doesn’t want to even consider the possibility that Marquez’s career is at risk, considering his great talent, but he does admit that this is a “very delicate situation”

16 novembre 2020

The hypothesis of a third surgery for Marc Marquez seems increasingly likely to become reality. Due to issues relating to his delayed recovery, one of the options could be a third operation, or rather a bone transplant. Perhaps the Honda rider’s final opportunity to fully heal and return to the track.

Dr. Costa explains the operation for us

A procedure that, as Dr. Costa exclusively explained to Motosprint yesterday, would involve a total recovery time of 4 to 6 months, if all goes well. For this reason, the Clinica Mobile founder told us that this type of surgery should have been done a while ago already, to allow Marquez to return to the track for the start of next season, something that now might not happen.

But what does the surgery consist of?

“Two pieces of bone would be taken from the pelvis – explains Dr. Costa – to make a sort of 'sandwich' around the humerus."

“Career compromised? I couldn’t say”

But the question everyone’s now asking is whether the eight-time world champion can fully recover and continue to write important pages of world championship history.

Might his career be at risk?

Ah... I couldn’t say. But this is a very delicate situation – he adds – because a third humerus surgery would have to go well. Transplants carry risks. The second operation clearly increased the probability of a slower recovery.”

"But I go back to ‘my nail, or rather the fact that it would have been best to use a nail in the first surgery, even if it could have hypothetically damaged an already injured shoulder. This is why a plate with screws was used. But the riders have always had us taking risks and when you see a rider wants to do something crazy, you have to help him as much as possible.

Translated by Heather Watson

MotoGP, Dr. Costa: “Marquez should have had a transplant earlier”

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