The 2020 MotoGP season finished a few weeks ago, but Joan Mir’s excitement about his title is not about to wane.

On the Suzuki website, the man himself retraces the year’s key races. "I was feeling particularly calm the day before the second Valencia race. The people around me noticed that I was very quiet when I got up, I didn’t talk to anyone simply because I was focused on my goal”, recalls the Spaniard.

"I remember eating fried eggs for breakfast, for energy. I don’t remember a lot about the race, only that I felt nervous on the grid but then calm during the race itself. But I clearly remember the moment I crossed the line – sheer ecstasy. I started to shout at the top of my lungs! Then I got emotional when I saw everyone around me clapping, especially my rivals".

An historic win

"This world title has special meaning for me and the team, because I’m aware we’ve really made history with this win”, continues Joan.

“It came in the same year that Suzuki celebrates its 100th anniversary and 60th year of racing. It’s 20 years since the last title, all these stats are significant and it almost seems like destiny that it all came at once".

Hunger, the secret to success

The world champion identifies the season’s key moment: "Austria was a real turning point. I was putting pressure on myself to score a podium and when I finally did it, it was an enormous relief. Once I showed I was capable, I felt more relaxed and balanced on the bike. If you asked me to identity the secret to my success, I’d say that I always set myself a goal, then once I achieve it, my hunger grows. I can never be hungry enough when it comes to chasing my goals".

"Seeing my face among the historic Suzuki champions is something magical and makes me feel very honoured and proud. All of us on Team Suzuki Ecstar are now part of history, the history of a company that came to MotoGP to take on bigger teams… and we won!”

Translated by Heather Watson

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