Chicho Lorenzo, father of five-time world champion Jorge, talks Joan Mir and the title won by the Suzuki rider this year, as well as offering insight into Valentino Rossi.

A few days ago, Mir and Chicho had a bit of a virtual back and forth, but Jorge’s dad has only good words for the Spaniard: "We have a good relationship, despite those around him trying to tarnish that by saying ‘look what Lorenzo’s dad is saying’, I’m sure that our relationship will go on in the same way when we next see each other”, comments Chicho on his YouTube channel, Motogepeando.

Chicho’s efforts to bring motorcycling to Majorca

Chicho Lorenzo says that he’s achieved all his dreams, helping not only his son Jorge but also other young Majorcan talents to aim high: “They said my project was just down to chance, they didn’t appreciate my work as a coach. So I decided to train a new generation of champions. Ten years ago, I had many enemies, like the Federation of the Balearics, which would do everything to hinder me”.

These youngsters include Joan Mir: “After thirteen years, from 2007 to 2020, we find that there are three GP riders who started with me. The only thing I take credit for is that Mir was able to start in this sport because I brought motorcycling closer to Majorca. That's the only thing I can take credit for. Joan Mir is where he is due to his immense talent. That’s nothing to do with me”.

MotoGP, Mir: “We've written history with Suzuki”

"I’d like Joan to be a great champion, but I have my doubts"

At the same time, Chicho Lorenzo is unsure as to Mir’s future: I’d like him to be a great champion, but I have my doubts. This year was a chaotic one, with many winners. Three riders won more races than Mir, but this didn’t help them become champion. Joan’s biggest problem is that he never set pole or even a front row start, scoring just two podiums. As a two-time world champion, this might be his weak point”.

Mir, Rossi and the value of rivals

Chicho Lorenzo reflects on the importance of the rivals a rider meets throughout his career, starting with Valentino Rossi and also in reference to Mir: “Rossi inherited his bike, team and rivals from Doohan. How many consecutive championships did Rossi win? He won so much because those rivals weren’t really rivals, they weren’t great rivals. But once young guys like Stoner, Pedrosa or Lorenzo, and then Marquez arrived on the scene, what happened to Rossi?”

In 2021 Mir will be up against Marc Marquez, as long as the Honda rider is able to recover from his injury: “What rivals will Mir face next year? One in particular, but we need to see what shape Marc Marquez will be in. As for this year’s rivals, Joan Mir was on equal terms and able to beat them. What effect will winning the 2020 championship have on Mir and on his confidence? He now knows how to be a winning rider who can battle it out against anyone”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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