Chicho Lorenzo, the well-known father of five-time world champion Jorge, has published a new video on his YouTube channel, Motogepeando. The topic of the week is Valentino Rossi.

Chicho analyses the decisions made by Rossi. The Doctor will continue to race in 2021, at 42 years of age and up against some much younger rivals. "He must have a real reason to continue racing", comments the Majorcan. “Racing with his brother, being on track together with him might be what pushes him to continue. Perhaps because he hasn’t yet organised his own team. He has a future with the Academy, his teams in Moto2 and Moto3 and he’ll have a team in MotoGP".

Chicho Lorenzo: “Rossi's rivals weren't really rivals”

The consequences of the 2020 crashes

Rossi will be keen to make up for a disappointing 2020, his worst ever MotoGP season. “Those three crashes he suffered in three consecutive races are hard to swallow. One characteristic that forms a part of Valentino Rossi’s very DNA is his ability to pull off miracles in the race, even if practice goes badly”.

A miracle that never came in recent races, particularly at the final Portuguese round. “At the new tracks, in this case Portimao, he suffered a lot”, continues Chicho. “One of his weak points is now the battle at the end of the race, something that used to be a strength of his".

This turnaround might have something to do with this year’s crashes: “I think those three mistakes have unconsciously taken him to a safety zone that tells him not to take risks".

Translated by Heather Watson

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