We all know Casey Stoner as the two-time MotoGP world champion and legendary Ducati rider, but before coming to Europe, the Australian was a young flat track star, the discipline allowing him to develop the riding style that would make him famous the world over.

Starting out with the TM

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Casey remembered the good old days by publishing a photo of his newly purchased TM 300: "John Hall sponsored me with a TM in the 90s. I raced enduro and a little motocross for TM Australia”, writes Casey. The TMs have always had a special place in my heart, and I have dreamt of owning one of my own since. Finally took delivery of the new TM 300enfi!”.

After debuting in the world championship in 2001, Casey Stoner lined up in 176 races, winning 45 of them. Having retired from racing in 2012, Stoner continued to work as a test rider for Honda and Ducati for a period of time, before turning his attentions to his private life. As stated in a recent interview, the Southport native is battling chronic fatigue syndrome, a condition that continues to debilitate him.

Translated by Heather Watson

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