Chicho Lorenzo continues with his weekly series on his YouTube channel, Motogepeando. His latest topic is Marc Marquez, and his recovery following the injury to his right arm.

Jorge’s father considers the Spanish champion’s future: "Let's say his recovery goes well and he’s able to get back in shape in reasonable time to return next year, will he still be the same? In an interview with DAZN, Marc said yes. He says he wants to come back and will do so when he’s able take risks again, as risk is part of his DNA, and that he'll come back when he can take on risks as he did before", analyses Chicho.

"I’m very curious because Marquez has an exceptional character. But on the other hand, there’s a lot going on, one thing after another".

Chicho Lorenzo: “Rossi? He must have real reasons to continue racing”

Continual setbacks

Marc Marquez has undergone a third operation to his injured arm, has only recently been discharged from hospital in Madrid, and his recovery time remains uncertain: "There are some real twists, one surprise after another, a series of unexpected things. We need to remain optimistic and hope that it all goes well and that Marc can return”.

Chicho Lorenzo makes a comparison with Freddie Spencer: "I hope everything is soon resolved and we don’t have a similar situation to what we saw with Freddie Spencer. Freddie was the last rider to win two titles in the same year, the 500 and the 250. He was at the height of his career and then the next year he had forearm problems and compartmental syndrome”.

"If he doesn’t return, I’d keep Bradl"

If Marquez cannot return, who might replace him? "The truth is it won’t be easy", continues Chicho. "I’d leave Bradl. Jorge was winning with the Ducati when he moved to Honda and he had problems, if Dovizioso already has problems in Ducati, what would happen if he went to Honda? If I were Honda, I’d leave Alex Marquez or Stefan Bradl".

Translated by Heather Watson

MotoGP: who will replace Marc Marquez? Dovizioso the right man