Via his YouTube channel Motogepeando, Chicho Lorenzo is once again pointing the finger at members of the MotoGP paddock. And who is his target this team? None other than the Yamaha team and Valentino Rossi during the period in which he put up a wall inside the blue garage. On the other side was Chicho's son Jorge...

“Yamaha looked ridiculous”

“The Yamaha numbers are disappointing – comments Chicho Lorenzo – Over the last three years, the factory team has won four races. This year the official team won just one race, while the satellite team won six with two riders like Quartararo and Morbidelli, or rather riders without great experience. It cannot be that a satellite team, with less means, experience and support from Yamaha, has won more than the factory team with its veteran riders”.

After saying his piece re the Iwata manufacturer’s performance, Chicho Lorenzo continues to lambast the factory team with some hard-hitting words: “The most important work Yamaha has done all year is justify the lack of results to the Japanese. It would have been easier to simply transfer the Petronas riders to the factory team. This year Yamaha has looked ridiculous with its factory team. They need fresh blood, new people with ideas and the will to succeed”. 

“Jorge beat Rossi on track”

Jorge’s father then goes on to speak about his son, and his nine-year stint in the Yamaha garage as well as his move to Ducati: “With the Yamaha, my son changed his references, doing everything differently in order to open the throttle earlier. He would brake a little earlier and get on the throttle already through the turn. With the Ducati this wasn’t possible, so when he moved there he had to change his riding style. It’s not easy to change your riding after nine years on the Yamaha”.

Lastly, he refers to the problems in the garage with Valentino Rossi: “What Rossi tried to do was wage a psychological war with Jorge he concludes - in every possible way. He even put up a wall. But Jorge didn’t care about any of that, because he beat him on track”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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