Davide Brivio’s departure from Suzuki has been a hot topic in recent days and Jorge Lorenzo’s father Chicho Lorenzo was keen to voice his opinion on his Youtube channel “Motogepeando”.

As well as talking about Brivio, Chicho Lorenzo also expressed his views about the future of Valentino Rossi and his future team in the reigning class.

“He leaves MotoGP a winner”

“Brivio’s decision is not just about money, it takes more than that, passion for example”, states Jorge’s father. Chicho Lorenzo is referring to the decision made by Davide Brivio having won the world title with Joan Mir and team Suzuki. He will move to Formula 1 with team Alpine in 2021.

“If he decides to return to MotoGP one day, the door will be wide open for him", continues Chicho in his video. "His career has gone from strength to strength and he went from applying stickers to winning world titles and experiencing real success like with Valentino Rossi, and becoming Suzuki team principal. Having said that, I have no doubt that he’ll be successful and revolutionise the sport in F1 too”.

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“Rossi? I can’t see him moving far from Yamaha”

What will happen at Suzuki now that Brivio has gone? That remains to be seen, and Chicho Lorenzo considers not only the remaining riders, or rather Joan Mir and Alex Rins, but also the satellite team expected in 2022: “Who will accept the challenge now? Time will tell. What’s clear is that it will take someone who knows how to motivate the riders but also manage them. As for the satellite team, I think Razlan (Razali) might bring a lot of money to Suzuki. Valentino Rossi? I can’t imagine him outside of Yamaha”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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