Motorcycling is a visceral passion for today’s riders, something they cultivated from a very young age. They were essentially riding before they could walk and Fabio Quartararo has now shared one of the earliest images of himself in a suit and helmet, no doubt taken between one training session and the next.

Yesterday and today

Fabio has shared this throwback image to show how far he’s come, now wearing the official colours of a manufacturer - Yamaha - that has decided to trust in him and his abilities. The Iwata manufacturer has chosen him over Valentino Rossi, putting its confidence in him, and now, after the many sacrifices made by both himself and his family, he can finally compete with a bike that he always new he’d be able to exploit. The photo caption reads: "15 years of dedication, work and good moments to get here”. Fifteen years that have passed in a flash. Who knows what the next fifteen may hold…

Here’s the post:

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Translated by Heather Watson

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