Another Spanish circuit may be set to feature on future MotoGP and Formula 1 calendars… We’re talking about the track that’s under construction in Morata de Tajuña, close to Madrid.

The layout results from close analysis of 18 other Spanish and Portuguese tracks, with the aim of designing a circuit that can be both fun and attractive for international championships.

The Morata de Tajuña Speed Circuit will be 4.5 km long (slightly longer than tracks like Interlagos or Jerez), feature a 650 metre straight, and boast an average width of 14 metres, with a maximum width of 20 metres. It will incorporate six right-hand turns and seven left-handers.

A two-phase project

"The idea is to have a structure that can operate 280 days a year with motorsport events and concerts in summer”, comments mayor Angel Sanchez. "I don’t think we’ll have any trouble obtaining the necessary authorisation because it will be built in a run-down area and on totally barren land”.

The construction project will consist of two phases. The first will involve the building of the track, over a period of roughly 10 months, and the second will see the building of all the related infrastructure (two years).

As for seeing the circuit on the world championship calendar, we’ll have to wait at least four or five years, considering the inevitable rotation with other Iberian tracks.

Translated by Heather Watson

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