The death and subsequent funeral of Fausto Gresini continue to resonate with the motorcycle world and will probably do so for some time to come. A few days on, and some of Fausto’s former riders continue to share their memories, Marco Melandri included. It was thanks to team Gresini that the Italian was able to relaunch his career after two complicated years with Yamaha, finishing in second place overall in 2005, his first year with the team, and enjoying significant success aboard the Honda. Marco has even offered the team his services, in an advisory capacity, should team Gresini be interested.

Melandri’s memory

The Italian has opened his personal album of memories, looking back to when he first met Gresini in 2004. Movistar wanted Pedrosa but Gresini pushed for Melandri, with Marco eventually signing a contract with Fausto’s team without the intervention of a manager.

"It was at the end of 2004 when we took risks to race together! I turned down Yamaha Tech3 in order to wait for you, you risked everything to push for me rather than Pedrosa, who Movistar wanted - writes Marco – I had no manager and negotiated the contract with you, with the help of our friend Alberto Vergani. I convinced you that if I finished top three, I’d deserve a top rider’s salary, reminding you how many factory bikes we’d have to beat… I’ll never forget what you said after this photo was taken (victory in Turkey). You, me and Verga... You took my face in your hands and said: 'Marchino! F**k, how much you’re costing me, but how happy I am to spend money this way!!!! And what a laugh we had that evening with the team!!! And now I tell you, f**k, how much I’m going to miss you!!!! And if Gresini Racing needs any advice, I’m there, in friendship!!! In the same spirit as our relationship!!! Ciao Champ!"

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Translated by Heather Watson

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