The diatribe between Jorge Lorenzo and the MotoGP riders regarding Cal Crutchlow’s crash on day two of testing in Qatar continued late into the night. The catalyst for it all was a social media post from that showed shots of the newly hired Yamaha test rider’s crash. This led to a slew of comments, some taking Cal’s side while Jorge Lorenzo headed up those on the other side of the fence.

The catalyst

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“Crutchlow - read the original post - wasn’t the only one to be caught out by Turn two today. Several riders found themselves in the gravel as the sun came down and temperatures dropped. Thankfully all riders ok”. This led to former Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo commenting with a snide: “Told you so!”, which then resulted in Cal’s friend Jack Miller sticking up for the Brit. The Ducati factory rider told Lorenzo he should ‘grow up’ but it was Aprilia rider Aleix Espargaró who then really weighed in.

“Better to be a good human than a champion!”

Aleix responded to the Majorcan’s comment by expressing his own personal opinion: “I prefer to be a good human than a champion”, referencing the way Lorenzo often refers to himself as champion. “Better to be both right? - replied Jorge - I assure you it’s a wonderful sensation and hopefully one day you’ll be able to try it too!”

It didn’t end there, with the old and new “classmates” continuing to argue late into the night. As for Miller’s ‘stop being a child’ comments, Lorenzo responded with: “What if you turn off the phone, stop doing stoppies and start winning some races? You’re already 26. Focus on what’s important and don’t waste your talent”…. And to think school has only just begun!

Translated by Heather Watson

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