Nadia Padovani, Fausto Gresini’s wife, will be the new CEO of Gresini Racing. Nadia, a fixed presence alongside the late team manager, will take over Fausto’s role, acting as Team Owner and Team Principal.

Nadia’s words

“I like to think that Fausto’s two families, ours and the Racing team, have united to move ahead with everything he was planning and, in particular, with the MotoGP project", comments Nadia Padovani. "To have an independent team in the reigning class once again is definitely a big commitment, with a squad to be created from scratch, but I know that everyone at the company is giving it 110% to make his dream a reality. Personally, I view it as a real mission, a challenge that we’ll take on, also and particularly thanks to Fausto’s strength, as he follows us from up there. Right now, we’re talking with various manufacturers and in a few weeks’ time we’ll be able to confirm the details of our MotoGP project”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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