Jorge Lorenzo, with the experience that comes with being a former rider, continues to delight his fans with comments about the races, his past and his personal opinions. In his latest video to appear on Tik Tok, he answers the question: “Who was the toughest rider to beat?” And so Jorge provides an overview of the various categories, coming to the conclusion that of them all, it was Marc Marquez who was the hardest to beat. And here’s why.

“He’ll be back, showing what he’s made of”

“The last year I raced in MotoGP Marquez was incredibly fast - says Jorge in the video – The difference between him and everyone else was that he would never give in in the races, regardless of the situation he was in. It made no difference to him who his rivals were. Now he has tough competition with Fabio Quartararo, but once he’s fully recovered he’ll show what he’s made of. I think of them all, he was the hardest to beat”. But Jorge doesn’t stop there, also citing Dani Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi.

Rossi and Pedrosa also on the list

Jorge considers  the various categories in which he raced: “In 250 I had trouble beating Dani Pedrosa, as he was very quick. Then in my first years in MotoGP, I came up against Valentino Rossi. At that time he was in fine form, from 2008 to 2010, but also in 2015”.

He may no longer share the track with his former colleagues, but Jorge Lorenzo is always keen to voice his opinions about the riders. And he’s not short on experience after all.

Traslated by Heather Watson

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