Valentino Rossi’s world championship ‘farewell’, which will come at the final Valencia round, could be a triumphant one. It was never going to be anything less of course, but it now looks as if Spain is set to welcome back full-capacity audiences at its stadiums and circuits as of October. And if this were the case, it would mean that the Valencia GP, scheduled to run on 12-14 November, could see packed-out grandstands.

Pandemic under control with rules that are changing

And this is what we’re all hoping for of course, not only in Spain and Portugal, where plans are already afoot, but also in Italy. If the statement made by the Spanish Health Minister comes to fruition, the Doctor’s final round could play out on front of a ‘full house’. To date, the tickets sold for the three-day event make up just 50% of total capacity, but if the rules were to change, this could rise to 100%.

A “yellow tide” ready to take over Ricardo Tormo

The situation relating to Covid-19 is currently under control in Spain, with a seven-day average of 27.5, lower than Germany. The new regulations that will come in as of October will see football stadiums return to 100% capacity, while indoor events will be allowed a maximum capacity of 80%. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope that the pandemic continues to wane. If Valencia is able to welcome the number of spectators it enjoyed in pre-Covid times, then we’re sure that the ‘yellow tide’ will be quick to invade Ricardo Tormo.

Translated by Heather Watson

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