Valentino Rossi, when a legend’s farewell bears mystical hallmarks

Valentino Rossi, when a legend’s farewell bears mystical hallmarks© Milagro

The Valencia race, Valentino’s last in the reigning class, offers up some stats in which the number 46 is particularly prominent

17 novembre 2021

14/11/21. A date that will go down in history, or rather the day on which Valentino Rossi finally bid farewell to the MotoGP world championship. As many have already noted, the numbers 14, 11 and 21 add up to 46: a coincidence or perhaps destiny, for those who believe in such things, Rossi himself touching on this over the weekend. "I realised three or four months back that Sunday’s date adds up to 46 – it wasn’t easy to convince God”, commented the nine-time champion when questioned about it.

46 is always there

But this is not the only statistic relating to Valentino’s career-long race number, #46. The Doctor has in fact completed

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