MotoGP, Austin gets a new look: fresh asphalt and no more bumps

MotoGP, Austin gets a new look: fresh asphalt and no more bumps

After the criticisms of 2021, the American circuit is in for some changes, the bumpy sections set to be resurfaced

20 gennaio 2022

After coming in for significant criticism in 2021, the Austin circuit has decided to implement a series of works so as to ‘smooth’ the bumps that created more than a few problems for the world championship riders.

Fundamental work

“For the last few weeks, the track has undergone a large-scale resurfacing initiative,” state the organisers. “Software was used to map the track and identify the different repairs needed”.

According to sources at COTA, the work centres around turns 2-10 and 12-16: “We’re working with contractors to ensure the new asphalt and concrete foundations are even and flush, creating an ideal track for upcoming races and events.”

The work began a few works ago and will be overseen by MotoGP safety officer Franco Uncini ahead of the next GP of the Americas, which is set to play out on 10 April. Fundamental work to prevent a repeat of 2021 events, when most riders complained about the insufficient safety conditions offered by the Texan track.

Translated by Heather Watson

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