Suzuki Racing closes its website and social channels

Suzuki Racing closes its website and social channels

As its official racing activities come to an end, the Hamamatsu manufacturer issues a note that confirms the closure of its web-based racing channels

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2 dicembre

With the MotoGP esport event that took place a few days ago (and that saw Honda return to winning ways, at least virtually), Suzuki puts a definitive end to its factory racing activity. Further confirmation comes in the form of a note announcing the closure of the Suzuki racing website and social networks.

The note, released today by Suzuki, also explains that there will be one hub of reference for news about national racing not backed by Suzuki in an official capacity.


The note from Suzuki Racing

The note reads: “This is to inform you that the above titled website will be closed at the end of December 2022. For further information and updates from Suzuki, please visit, where you can find latest news including racing activities by Suzuki distributors nation by nation. On the closure of the site, the following related SNS pages, as well as the Team Suzuki Twitter and Instagram are also to be closed.

The site started in 1999, and has reported event reports, news items and images, covering many of Suzuki's brilliant racing achievements in all categories of motorcycle racing worldwide. We take this opportunity to thank you for visiting and supporting the site for so many years.”

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