F1, Verstappen: "A MotoGP? I’d like to try it, but Red Bull doesn’t want me to"

F1, Verstappen: "A MotoGP? I’d like to try it, but Red Bull doesn’t want me to"

The Dutchman paired up with Marc Marquez for a double interview arranged by Honda. Here’s what the pair had to say


9 dicembre 2022

Max Verstappen and Marc Marquez have starred in a double interview arranged by Honda and shared on Dorna channels. The two giants of Formula 1 and MotoGP went up against each other and revealed an obvious mutual respect.


Marquez: "Max is a killer"

A level of respect that was clear to see as the Spaniard spoke about the Dutch champion: “What do I think about Verstappen? He’s ambitious, talented and a killer, just as you need to be in our sports,” said Marquez, praising the two-time world champion. “I appreciate the way he manages the pressure. Many are fast and have talent, but you need more than that to race. Pressure is the hardest thing”.

During the interview, Marquez revealed his admiration for the F1 world, so different from MotoGP in many ways: "What do I admire about F1 drivers? The way they are able to remain focused over so many laps. They drive, talk to the team, decide on strategies”, admitted the Repsol Honda rider. “As a rider, I can’t imagine doing that. Aside from a few exceptions, I don’t let the team send me communications while I’m racing for example.”


Verstappen and the MotoGP temptation

On his side, Verstappen had only good things to say about the eight-time champion: Marc is a fighter who never gives up, he’s determined and a hard racer”, commented the Red Bull driver. “I admire the way he manages the delicate situations. It takes personality and Marc has proved to have that in spades in recent years.”

Max ends by talking positively about the MotoGP world: “The guys (who race in the top class) are crazy. I’d like to try one of these bikes for the sheer speed and power they offer. But my team won't let me. I love watching MotoGP and like the fact that so many different manufacturers can win a race”.

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