Moto2: Pedro Acosta and Izan Guevara the new face of the intermediate class

Moto2: Pedro Acosta and Izan Guevara the new face of the intermediate class

The two Spaniards will meet in Moto2 in 2023, paving the way for a rivalry that could well develop


22 dicembre 2022

Pedro Acosta and Izan Guevara definitely represent the best that Moto3 has produced in recent years, two evident talents who were able to score the world title and attract attention, both for their charisma and thei riding styles. The two Spanish promises, both 18, have already met on track, in Moto3 in 2021, the year in which each stood out for his respective speed and creative riding. Despite it being only their first year in the world championship, Acosta and Guevara’s talents were clear for all to see. While Guevara was able to win a race, Acosta went all the way, securing the world title and amassing six races.


Acosta’s growth and Guevara’s explosion

Soon pegged as Marc Marquez’s successor, Acosta made the inevitable move up to Moto2 in 2022, quickly proving competitive in testing before going on to win three races. All while Guevara continued to show off his talents in Moto3, the outside pass he made through the final turn at Jerez the most obvious example of this. With seven race wins to his name, the Majorcan secured the championship title, just one year after his fellow countryman. While Acosta has been compared to Marquez in terms of his impetuousness, dominance of the bike, and his ability to win, many have drawn a parallel between Guevara and Valentino Rossi, particularly for his diligence when executing a pass and his movement in the saddle.

To which we add the fact that both Guevara and (to a greater extent) Acosta have demonstrated that they know exactly how to behave in front of the cameras, in a championship that is need of strong characters who can made a significant media impact. Particularly in his 2021 title-winning year, the Mazarron native didn’t hesitate to launch “darts” at rival Dennis Foggia, in an attempt to unnerve him in the final races of the season. And the same goes for Guevara, albeit in a more composed way, in that he doesn't let anybody intimidate him on track. 2023 will see the two Spaniards go up against each other once more, in Moto2, and everything points to a face-off, both technical and press-related.


Moto2 in search of personalities

Acosta and Guevara represent the new face of Moto2 then, a class that, in recent years, has been sorely lacking in charismatic personalities. Although Moto2 has been able to produce riders of undisputed talent, starting with Bagnaia and Bastianini of course, respective winners in 2018 and 2022 and now frontrunners in MotoGP, there is no one personality that has been truly able to draw the crowd. And the last two seasons haven’t exactly helped, not with the rivalry between Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez in 2021 nor with the Ai Ogura-Augusto Fernandez duel in 2022. Two exuberant characters like Guevara and Acosta can no doubt add to the vitality and interest of Moto2, and after their first on-track duel, their Spanish rivalry could well boost the appeal of a class in need of a breath of fresh air.

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