A few days ago, six-time world champion Max Biaggi wrote another page in history, becoming the fastest rider in the world aboard an electric bike. On track at the French airport of Chateauroux, the Italian powered a Voxan to speeds of over 400 km/h.

It makes your head spin just to think about it. And although a few days have passed, Max Biaggi still seems high on adrenaline when talking exclusively to Motosprint.

“The electric motor? A little lord”

Max, how did you feel breaking records with the electric bike?

Getting out there at nearly 50 is electrifying, like the Voxan I was riding. I’d never reached a speed of 408 km/h before, not even on the MotoGP bikes. It was incredible, and it all take place on such silence!

“The sound of the combustion engine has unmistakable frequencies, while the electric motor is more anglo-saxon, like a Little Lord! In this situation, you perceive things that are normally covered by engine noise. The rolling of the tyres and the wall of air, which is broken by the front fairing, all this has a different but equally appealing sound. But what really strikes you is the speed!

Seeking perfection

What pushed you to embark on this new adventure?

“The desire to get out there again and my constant search for perfection. You can never get there, but taking care of every detail, in the hope of getting there, is truly unique. Also because, in trying to achieve perfection, you can experience speed in apparent safety.”

We might define your life as a continual challenge?

“In terms of sport yes! But I’m not a daredevil! Everything I do is well thought out. Also because in recent years, since having kids, I’ve started to see life in a new light.

"I still love bikes and speed, but I’ve also learned to appreciate everything around me. And believe me, that’s not a limitation. In fact it’s an added value, concludes Max Biaggi.

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