World Endurance is in the midst of riders’ market “season” with teams getting sorted ahead of the 2021 championship that will begin on 17-18 April with the Bol D’Or 24 Hours.

While the EWC factory teams are essentially complete, teams in the Stock category are still working to confirm their line-ups. And Moreno Codeluppi’s No Limits Motor Team Suzuki is no exception.

The Italian squad’s first move has been to confirm Luca Scassa. 2021 will mark the rider’s fourth year with the Stock runners-up. Next year’s goal is to secure the title, not easy against a team and rider as strong as MotoAin and Roberto Rolfo.

The Italian rider has left a comment on Instagram following his renewal with the No Limits Team: “I’ve decided to stay with my team for another year and try to get the job done. As championship runners-up, our only goal will be to win the Superstock Endurance title. It will be a tough year and also an important one in terms of what I decide to do in the future. Thanks to the team for believing in me, to my sponsors for their support and making it all happen, and to my friends and fans for following me and offering me such support!”

We talked to Luca about the No Limits renewal, his 2021 goals and the highlights of the 2019-2020 season, as well as his hopes for the final phase of his career.

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Luca, renewing with No Limits is an important step

“I’m pleased, it’s the first time I’ve spent four years with a team. The last time was with MV Agusta, four years but not always the same team. I’ve developed a great relationship, with the bike and the guys on the team, on a personal and professional level. We set ourselves the goal to win the Stock world championship in three years, but we didn’t manage it, for various reasons. We’re runners-up though, and we'll try again next year”.

Do you already know your team-mates?

“Not quite, in the sense they’re still to be confirmed. I know they’re trying to create a work group to take to the world championship, that’s certain. I think something might change, but Moreno will decide. I’ve confirmed my availability but that has to be the goal, and the riders need to be of the right calibre”.

What was the highlight of the 2020 season?

“Probably Le Mans, second place in the race was a good result that put us back in the mix for the title, although there was little to be done against #96. We had a lot of great moments, some of which not many know about, like the Alcarras test where we took a big step forward or when we tested the Dunlop tyres. But I have to choose, I’d say Le Mans”.

What do you like most about the Suzuki?

“Its reliability, definitely, that’s what you notice most. Suzuki has great experience in Endurance, as does No Limits. We’ve never had a big problem that has caused us to miss a race. It all works well in terms of the engine, the only issue is that it’s under-used, we had to invent everything from scratch in terms of the geometry and set-up”.

What do you think about the Yoshimura-SERT partnership?

“From what I understand, it’s a collaboration, but the Yoshimura side is definitely more important. It’s a good thing because Yoshimura and the Japanese teams in general are closely tied to the Suzuka 8 Hours while an Endurance world championship is four or five events. To see more and more Japanese teams entering the championship is a good sign, as it gives importance to the whole series and not just the 8 Hours which remains a great finale. Sometimes you go to Suzuka and win the race but you’re not world champion, and this has meant that the Japanese are starting to invest more in the championship. I’m pleased and hope that more teams arrive, I was pleased to see Yamaha at Sepang with Van Der Mark and Morbidelli too”.

Goals for 2021?

“That this is a complete year, I don’t have to explain that to anyone (he laughs). The aim is of course to win the Stock title, that’s why I’m staying with No Limits. 2021 will also help me understand what I’ll do in the future. I’ve been quite competitive these last years and in 2021 I want to see whether, in changing my work method, I’m able to take a step up. I want to finish my career in EWC, the stock is just a stepping stone for me. I want to move to EWC and fight against the various world champions because I want to finish my career with an EWC title win. Next year will be like a test for me, I’ll give it my all and see what I can do”.

In terms of the EWC, I guess the race you’d most like to run is the Suzuka 8 Hours…

“I’ve never done it and it would be great to try. The next goal is not Suzuka but Spa 2022 and I’d like to compete in an Endurance race in Italy, like a Misano 12 Hours or something, I’d love that”.

We all hope there might be a race in Italy…

I think the time might be right. With Nicolò going so well, us fighting in the Stock. Endurance is a movement that is gaining ground in Italy. I hope to race in the EWC one day, even with the No Limits team. If they want to make the step, I’m there. I hope to finish my career in EWS and compete in a race in Italy”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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