Tommaso Marcon has concluded his first MotoE season in fourteenth place, scoring a best of two fifth place finishes with the Tech3 team. The Italian is less than satisfied with this result, his target very different.

Injury early in the season

“My expectations were very different, in that I set out to win”, Marcon tells us. “Unfortunately, I was slowed down a week before the first race because I injured by right posterior cruciate ligament, and so really struggled in the Jerez races”, he explains. “Two consecutive weekends and I wasn’t fully recovered. I raced, but I couldn’t move with the right leg, using only my left and my arms; racing with 25% less strength is really complicated.

“Luckily I was probably 80% in shape by Misano and the fact it was my home track spurred me on. In race 1 I finished fifth, from eleventh on the grid. I was actually last at turn two having had to avoid some crashes up ahead, but I was able to work my way up. I was a pity about race 2, I crashed while lying third; it would have been a nice podium.

“At Le Mans, a track I’d never seen before, we only made one dry lap before the race, in Superpole, and I qualified just fourteenth, but then finished race 1 in fifth place. In race 2 I crashed while lying fourth due to a problem with the temperature of the front tyre”, continues Marcon.

How would you sum up your first MotoE season?

“The important thing for me was getting the result, and we didn’t fully manage that. But I’m pleased because we showed our speed”.

The development of the Aprilia RS660 Trofeo

You’re currently involved in the development of the Aprilia RS 660 in its Trophy version. How is that going?

“It’s a wonderful opportunity, also because I’m doing it for an Italian brand, one that I’ve always loved, and at 20 this feels really great”.

How have you developed as a test rider?

“I’m a better rider than test rider but the experience I’ve had in recent years means I am a level that allows me to test, at least as far as Aprilia is concerned. After all, every rider seeks perfection every time they get on the bike, particularly at international level, where milliseconds count. You have to be able to understand where you can improve…”

The future

What will you do next year?

“MotoE is an interesting formula, and that’s definitely the future. We’ve evaluating whether to do it again or change. I have two MotoE offers, but also a chance to return to Moto2. One option would be the CEV - I could aim for the win there before moving to Moto2, which is my main goal”, concludes Marcon.

In any case, Tommaso Marcon has age on his side, turning just 21 later this month. He has plenty of time to complete a CEV season before finding a way into the world championship.

Translated by Heather Watson

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