Kevin Calia - pictured in action with the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 at Mugello - is only 26, but already has significant experience across several motorsport categories. From the Red Bull Rookies Cup to the Italian CIV championship, the Italian has always known how to stand out and is a regular frontrunner in races.

A new phase

From wins in the Red Bull class, to success in the Italian Moto3 series and strong results in the European Stock 1000. The Italian now embarks on a new adventure, he himself outlining his motivation: "Knowing I’m joining the No Limits team is really exciting – he tells us, after returning from a training ride – because we’re talking about one of the Endurance teams of reference. It will be a new phase in my racing story, and my goal is to write many more pages. I want to go on as long as possible, enjoying myself".

The Endurance is right for you, as it’s great fun.

"Exactly, that’s one of the things that convinced me to choose the EWC. Another reason is the No Limits team. Moreno Codeluppi is a great person, and is also very competent and passionate about real motorcycling. His yellow and black team is a sure thing in the field and, when I spoke to him, I realised that my decision was the right one".

You’ll have Luca Scassa as a team-mate.

"A very strong rider and a great guy too. It will be important for us to get on and I’m sure we will. The Endurance is different to speed racing, usually your team-mate is your main rival, but in endurance racing, that person and those who share the same technicians, bike and work are your friends on the adventure".

You already know the Suzuki GSX-R 1000.

"Yes, that might be a small advantage. Having already raced with the Hamamatsu four-cylinder, I’ll make use of those sensations and memories I have. Although in Endurance the settings and seat positions aren’t dedicated to each rider. Luca, me and our third team-mate need to find a reasonable compromise and I know we won’t have any problems. I know how to adapt and am sure they do too, our aim is to stand out in the Stock EWC class".

Training tomorrow’s talent

Kevin will also collaborate with another illustrious colleague as part of another very interesting project. Calia and Gianluca Nannelli will help train tomorrow’s riders, or rather kids who Nanna has been training for a while, as a Federal Technician: "I am involved in this work too - comments KC -  I love it and like to be able to share my experience as a rider with the kids. There is a lot to explain and, together with Gianluca, we can teach, by learning. I don’t know if that makes sense..."

Sure it does.

"You ride with a smile, expressing passion. Nannelli did, and still does, that and I really admire him. I’m 26 and want to remain in this world for as long as possible, keeping my contacts and selecting the best opportunities for me. I smile when I ride, and even more so when I see the kids smiling too”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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