Road Races: the Tourist Trophy starts planning its 2022 edition

Road Races: the Tourist Trophy starts planning its 2022 edition

After two years without races owing to the pandemic, the organisers of the world’s most important road race are already working on next year’s edition, the dates of which have already been published

The 2020-2021 period will be remembered for its lack of road racing events and, above all, no Tourist Trophy, cancelled both years owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the organisers of the prestigious Isle of Man race have not lost heart and are already hard at work planning the 2022 edition, which will also see some changes in terms of the schedule.

New practice schedule

The week spanning the end of May and the beginning of June will, as always, be dedicated to practice, as well as some laps at controlled speeds for the newcomers (one of whom will be Glenn Irwin) and open mixed sessions across the various categories, with an additional afternoon session on Sunday 29 May and Friday 3 June.

However, the practice will only determine the starting positions for riders in twenty-first place and lower, as the top twenty line up according to the number on their fairings, assigned by the organisers before the event.

Race week

The races will run from Saturday 4 to Friday 10 June, on alternate days and with two races per day, starting with Superbike and concluding, as always, with the Senior TT. Here, the complete schedule:

4 June: Superbike and Sidecar Race 1

6 June: Supersport Race 1 and Superstock

8 June: Lightweight and Supersport Race 2

10 June: Sidecar Race 2 and Senior TT

Translated by Heather Watson

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