Max Biaggi ready to exceed 410 km/h with the electric Voxan

Max Biaggi ready to exceed 410 km/h with the electric Voxan

The Italian is unstoppable. After setting twelve world records and reaching 408 km/h, he now wants to do even more with the French bike

Max Biaggi’s record-breaking adventure with electric bikes isn’t over. Having set twelve world records last November at a track at the French airport of Chateauroux, the six-time world champion has now announced on social media that he intends to go even further.

The Italian’s latest goal is to reach a top speed in excess of 410 km/h, improving on his previous record of 408. Max will attempt the feat before the end of 2021, once again riding the full electric Voxan Wattman.

Biaggi: "An appealing goal"

"Last year we set various records with the electric Voxan bike, achieving a speed of 408 km/h. The project immediately appealed to me, as no one had ever taken an electric bike to such speeds before. With the aim of further raising the bar, it would be great to break the 410 km/h barrier! To obtain such a result, we’ll need to work hard on the aerodynamics, which are fundamental at that kind of speed, and we’ll also need to strengthen the electric motor", explains Max.

He then asked his fans for their opinions as to his new helmet: "I’m thinking to create a helmet with new graphics. Would you like me to go with a previous graphic layout or something totally different? Let me know what you think, because I’m sure you’ve all got some interesting ideas”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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