From the racetrack to the bar: Andrea Iannone’s new "Passion"

From the racetrack to the bar: Andrea Iannone’s new "Passion"

Looking elegant behind the bar, the Italian has opened his new business in Lugano, the photos set to whet the foodies’ appetite

Following his race ban, Andrea Iannone has relaunched his career by inaugurating his own bar-restaurant in Lugano, a Swiss town just over the Italian border. Unable to compete in MotoGP, the 31-year old Italian has turned his attentions to the hospitality world.

Number 29’s new venture is called "Passion" and it looks fantastic. Browsing the various images published on the official page makes us want to pay a visit, and we feel hungry just looking at what is a very promising menu. And there’s no doubt that the Italian is looking particularly elegant in his new surroundings.

No engines and kerbs then, and no need for a helmet or leathers, but The Maniac’s latest adventure looks set to do well. Remember that his family used to run a restaurant in his home town, and those who visited said the food was top notch.

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Translated by Heather Watson

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