In order to prevent what happened last week from occurring again, a decision has been made, though it is still to be confirmed. The regulation regarding SBK testing has been revised, to better optimise teams' efforts and investment. The ten full day limit remains, but these days can be exploited in a different way.

No longer will just one lap by a rider be considered a full test day, and teams can now make use of "slots". So how does it work? Well, let’s say a team is at Jerez and has booked the track for next Monday. In the case of unstable weather, they can decide whether to use the track in the morning or the afternoon, or both, or in fact neither.

Sessions will start at 9am local time, as usual. The first half day ends at 1pm, while the second begins at 1.01pm and concludes at 6pm. If a rider uses a slot, he will have another nine and a half available. Discretion lies with the teams and riders. So while the total quota still equates to ten days, teams can choose to make use of half days in order to avoid wasting both time and resources.

Translated by Heather Watson

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