The latest "underground" rumour from the SBK would have us believing that Bradley Smith is ready to switch championships and move from MotoGP across to the production-derived series. But where would the former Aprilia rider be heading?

To Ten Kate, "of course". It would appear that the Dutch team is safe, its participation in the 2021 championship now feasible. And with Loriz Baz having left for the US, brothers Ronald and Gerritt are starting over, preparing an independent R1 M that nevertheless proved competitive in the Frenchman’s hands.

As for Smith, he would be embarking on a brand-new adventure. After years of prototype bikes, the 30-year old Englishman would be climbing aboard a different bike in a series that is dominated by Brits. If a deal is in fact made, WorldSBK would gain a rider who has eight MotoGP seasons under his belt, plus eleven seasons across 125 and Moto2. He himself has revealed how keen he still is to do well.

Translated by Heather Watson

WorldSBK, Michel Fabrizio and Jonathan Rea’s autograph