SBK, Kawasaki and the Lowes unknown: without Alex, is the Portimao test sensible?

SBK, Kawasaki and the Lowes unknown: without Alex, is the Portimao test sensible?

The Provec team awaits the Englishman’s full recovery following a training incident that has already prevented him from testing at Jerez. If he’s unable to ride, does it make sense to go to Portugal "only" with Rea?

24 febbraio

The Provec Kawasaki has arranged a pre-season test ahead of the 2021 SBK championship. The Portimao track has been booked by the KRT team for the 4-5 March, the session serving to allow further development of the new Ninja ZX-10RR following recent outings at Jerez and Aragon.

One of these sessions took place in January, but while Johnny Rea came away confident, having worked hard in the garage and on track, Alex Lowes was forced to sit it out due to injury.

The green team has issued an update as to the number 22 rider’s physical condition. The English rider is working hard to get back in shape, spending hours in the gym and undergoing physiotherapy. Next Monday will see Alex, the KRT team’s physio Albert, team manager Guim Roda and crew chief Marcel Duinker take a decision as to whether to participate in the test or not.

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KRT SBK test: is it worth testing with only one rider?

If Provec decides that it’s best for Alex to continue to rest up, then the team will need to consider whether it is worth travelling to Portugal with Johnny Rea alone? The six-time champion is the team’s leading light, but Lowes is nevertheless useful in terms of developing and testing new parts arriving from Japan.

Considering the logistical problems relating to the pandemic, the limited number of test days and also, why not, the optimisation of costs and personnel, the Kawasaki team needs to think carefully about its decision. There’s still a while to go before the championship gets underway but, with everything outside the garage remaining such an unknown, it’s important to have a clear plan.

And the same goes for Orelac, a team that will field Isaac Vinales in Superbike, as well as Raffaele De Rosa and Leonardo Taccini in Supersport. Nacho Calero wants to participate in the Portimao test but, if KRT doesn’t travel to Portugal, will Orelac follow suit?

Translated by Heather Watson

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