SSP300, Sabatucci: “Viñales is one of the humblest riders I know”

SSP300, Sabatucci: “Viñales is one of the humblest riders I know”

Kevin is now part of the Viñales Racing Team: "Maverick offers useful advice and is fast on any bike, while his dad Angel is crazy, in a good way. I’m pleased with my decision”

25 febbraio

From Kawasaki to Yamaha, in a move that will see him take on a central role in the hard-fought Supersport 300 championship. Having left the GP Project team and the Ninja 400 behind, Kevin Sabatucci now jumps aboard the R3 fielded by Maverick Viñales’ father Angel and his team, and he’s ready to do battle.

The Italian is training hard in Spain, where the weather is ideal: “Here’s it has been like spring for weeks already, with sun and temperatures above 20°C. Every day of work is key, because I want to be ready for the 2021 challenge. We make up a good group, all working in the same direction”.

Sabatucci refers to the Catalan family, one of the most race-oriented in the paddock: "They’re really great people - he reveals - Maverick is one of the humblest riders I know. He listens and helps you, always offering good advice. And then it’s great to ride with him, a guy who adapts to any bike right away. It’s amazing. As soon as he gets on the bike, he’s fast and relaxed".

Kevin talks more about his preparation: "Maverick’s dad, Angel, is crazy, but in a good way. I’m very happy with his team and my team-mate is Maverick’s cousin, another good guy, Isaac’s great too. I’m very happy with my decision, because I’m always riding, and the training is really constructive. We go to kart tracks, improving our riding style and other details. We also work on our race pace and flying laps. And then we simulate on-track battles. We combine fun, adaptation and preparation. The atmosphere is fantastic”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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