SBK, Go Eleven throws down the gauntlet: “This blue bike needs to beat the red Ducatis”

SBK, Go Eleven throws down the gauntlet: “This blue bike needs to beat the red Ducatis”

In 2021, the independent team headed up by Gianni Ramello and Denis Sacchetti is even more official: "We have a winning bike-rider package"

The team Go Eleven presentation has taken place against the beautiful Italian backdrop of Langhe. In the 2021, the squad headed up by Gianni Ramello and Denis Sacchetti will be even more closely tied to Ducati, the manufacturer set to help the team with spares and factory support.

The rider who will take to the track with the red, sorry, turquoise Panigale V4 R, is Chaz Davies, a man who has ridden for Borgo Panigale for years and amassed many wins and podiums in the process. Unfortunately, the number 7 rider hasn’t been able to test so far this year, but he’s confident: "I cannot wait to take it out on track – he says – also because the colour is cool and stands out from the other bikes. My 2021 goal is to give 100% to obtain the kind of results that the team, Ducati and I can be happy with".

For Denis Sacchetti, turquoise is a winning colour

Denis Sacchetti is enthusiastic. Following an evening of good food and wine, the Go Eleven manager reveals how much he enjoyed his little trip to the countryside aboard Davies’ bike. “Langhe is beautiful, I wanted to open the throttle. This bike embodies power an dspeed. I had fun. Significant work has been done on the V4 R. We have a new tank and saddle and other more advanced details. The package is impressive, we just need to optimise it all on track. With Chaz, we have a rider who brakes hard, no one can beat him in that phase. We know Davies is one of the strongest SBK riders, he’s been a real antagonist to Rea with the Kawasaki. Our aim is have fun and score great results”.

The connection between the team and the manufacturer is closer than ever: "For us, working with Ducati is something we’re proud of. We’ve reached this point one step at a time and we’re pleased and motivated. I thank Gigi Dall’Igna, Aruba and Feel Racing. Our relationship began in 2019 and is getting ever stronger. The package is a winner”.

An original livery for a specific reason: "We owe this blue to Stefano Cecconi at Aruba. They’re coming out with a new product, a fibre, so the livery is dedicated to that. And our bike will stand out among the many red Ducatis”.

The work of Gianni Ramello and his team

The team is based in Piedmont, and so the presentation took place in familiar surroundings. Gianni Ramello was proud to reveal just how much work has been done, and how much still lies ahead: “We are a strong, united family and every member is important (he lists the Go Eleven team members). They each give it their all, as do I”.

Back to the turquoise colour scheme: "It’s beautiful, right? We hope to see our blue bike ahead of the other red Ducatis. We know it won’t be easy, but we’ll do our best to obtain the best possible results. Thanks everyone, and we’ll see you on track, where we hope to reap what we’ve sewn up until now".

Translated by Heather Watson

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