WorldSBK, Cresson explores Most: “Like Donington, but difficult to pass”

WorldSBK, Cresson explores Most: “Like Donington, but difficult to pass”

The Belgian rider competing for Pedercini Kawasaki has been able to experience the Czech circuit, new on the 2021 calendar. Technician Max Nejrotti adds: "Mess up one turn and mess up them all"

The Czech track of Most, a new-entry on the SBK calendar, has definitely got people talking, particularly those who know nothing about it. Which is why we’re trusting in those who’ve actually been there.

Namely, Loris Cresson, the Belgian rider competing for Pedercini Kawasaki, and technician, Max Nejrotti. The youngster and the expert, who made a work trip to the circuit with a stock Ninja ZX-10RR. The tests carried out have brought interesting feedback as to the setting, track, structure and people.

Loris Cresson: it’ll be tough to pass

At 22, Cresson is the youngster of the SBK class. And he likes the Czech track: “The layout’s great, it’s almost like Donington Park. The first chicane could be modified and made safer, but the rest is good and it’s fun to ride".

Number 84 continues: "We’re talking about a really fast track, and I think it will be difficult to make passes, maybe because there are no real braking points. As it’s all mixed, the circuit offers rhythm and enjoyment. The people there are all really nice. I hope the fans come".

Max Nejrotti: "If you mess up one turn, you mess up them all"

Max is a highly-regarded SBK technician. He’s travelled everywhere for work, so his opinion can be trusted: “Perhaps the parking and garages are small, but the garages are at least good and there are many of them, maybe forty. The asphalt is a little uneven and slippery, but only when cold. In high temperatures, the grip will improve. It could do with a little restyling, but I’m sure everything will be sorted for the official round. Yes, it’s very similar to Donington".

Nejrotti provides insight as to a hypothetical lap of the track: "Imagine the first part of the English track, as you know, there’s no braking, only long corners. Well Most is like that, we saw that these turns don’t stress the front tyre. If anything, you need to be precise, because if you mess up one turn, the whole sequence of turns is compromised. Our reference was a 1'38, I heard that IDM pole time was a 1'36. Conditions were tough for us and strong winds prevented us from improving. I think riders can have fun here, and the people are wonderful too".

Translated by Heather Watson

WorldSBK, 2021 calendar: Most is in, Phillip Island is out

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