Honda presents its 2022 season, from car racing activity to the desire to win

Honda presents its 2022 season, from car racing activity to the desire to win

The Japanese manufacturer bids farewell to 2021 and prepares for the new year with big news, in that its car racing division will now fall under HRC. Marquez’s message: "We’re close to a return"

January brings several certainties, and one of these is undoubtedly the Honda presentation in Tokyo, which covers the previous year’s goals as well as the objectives for the upcoming season. For the Japanese manufacturer, 2021 was quite a particular year, which clearly stood out for Max Verstappen’s title, as the driver helped Honda to round out its F1 adventure in the best possible way. Results on the bike side were slimmer but nevertheless significant, not least the umpteenth title win for the immortal Toni Bou.

“2021 was uncertain due to Covid and particularly the Omicron variety – explains Honda Motor President Toshiro Mibe – but I hope we can soon come through this. Honda gave it everything throughout the year, working to develop the best technologies and choosing the best people to exploit them, and the same challenge will continue in 2022”.

A challenge that starts with a big change, one that relates to the glorious HRC brand (which has also presented a new logo).

“2022 will bring significant change. HRC will incorporate a new division relating to its car racing activity. In this way, the manufacturer can steer all its efforts in one direction, in order to further grow”.

Marquez: “Closer to a return, but I need to be patient”

And then there were messages from the riders, as is tradition, starting with the much-anticipated appearance of Marc Marquez. The Spaniard talked about his 2021 season and his current situation, appearing relaxed and (almost) ready.

“I hope 2022 can be better than 2021, which was undoubtedly a tough year. I returned to the track following my arm injury and was able to score three wins amidst the highs and lows, but unfortunately just as I was doing well, I found myself dealing with a new problem, diplopia, but I’m feeling better day by day. We’re getting closer to a return, but I need to be patient, as this is a long and complex process”.

One man who was able to attend in Tokyo for obvious reasons was Takaaki Nakagami, ready for his fifth season in MotoGP.

“I’m working to reach the top of the category. This will be my fifth season in MotoGP, so I’m gaining a lot of experience that will help me to further grow and improve. I hope 2022 can be a really positive year”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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